50 Years

of Experience

About Simag

Company was established in March 1969 for the sales of Textile Machinery in Pakistan,West & East which is presently Bangladesh. We represented Rueti Machinery Works Ltd., Zellweger Ltd., Uster Switzerland, 4 of Horgen, Switzerland, i.e Schweiter, Staubli, Grob and Sam Vollenweider. In the group of 4 of Horgen Staubli dobbies and Jacquard need no introductions nor Grob who are world renown in Healds, Drop wires and Light Metal Heald Frames. We sold large number of Looms of Rueti, (total of 2000 machines) and also Zellweger equipments. M/s Fritz Buser, Switzerland joined us and we sold large number of Screen Printing installations. We also represented Spinlab, USA in the field of cotton testing and provided electronic service for those machines as well. In 1982 Messers. Rieter Machine Works Ltd. Switzerland rejoined our Organization. Mr. Badi who was selling M/s Rieter machines till 1969 restarted to sell their machines again in the territory.

During 70s, 80s, & 90s many changes took place. Rueti Machinery works was bought out by Sulzer. Schweiter merged into SSM group and so on. Many mills were sold and in the Textile Map of Paksitan some prominent mills came into existance such as Mohammed Farooq Textile Mills Ltd. In East Paksitan Dacca Dyeing which produced Home Textiles the best one can imagine. Shahyar Textile, Firdous Textile No.2 Landhi came into production. Uster Trademark became a household word and traders, dealers and exporters used Uster benchmark for quality. Thereafter electronic yarn clearing was introduced. That also became the standard requirement.


Simag is privately incorporated company comprising of Technologists and engineers, having the service backup of electronic and mechanical engineers with latest diagnostic equipment's.


Combined sales experience of Technical persons is 40 years of Mr. Badi , close to 18 years of Mr. Rashid Jalal , 20 years of Mr. Saeed Ahmed,. Excellent contacts with Customers and suppliers give the credibility and dedication in the field of Textile Machinery sales.


Idea is to infuse confidence in Customers that we are capable and can assist them in their requirements and infuse confidence with the possible suppliers that we are strong team and can sell their products. If we cannot do it, probably no one can.


We at Simag as mentioned are specialized in Textile Machine Sales and only Textile Machines. We do not indulge ourselves in any other sectors and in this way we have made this our bread and butter. If we have to survive we have to sell and be on edge in satisfying our customers. Our motto is to sell A one or None.